Thursday, July 21, 2016

John Peel - 20th July 2004

Featuring Melys in session.

Thee Shams - Want You So Bad (Fat Possum)
Mimaku Spldat - Whatever I Want (Phantomnoise)
X27 - Superstar (Narnack)
Melys - Casino El Camino (Session)
Krytic Minds and Leon Switch - Kontakt (Defcom)
De Rosa - Camera (Gargleblast)
Low - Bright (Rough Trade)
Avrocar - Illustrate A Way To Survive (Short Sharp Shock)
King Honey - Plectrum (Make Mine)
Alex Father - and Shannon Coen - Speartips (Atlas)
Face For Radio - Plot Route On Yellow Paper (Big Scary Monsters)
Melys - Casino El Camino (Peel Session)
David Jack - Show Us Where It Hurts (Knife Fighting Monkeys)
Sam Lightnin' Hopkins - Needed Time (Munster)
Decoration - I Tried It, I Liked, I Loved It (CD-R)
Bailey's Lucky Seven - On The Gin Gin Ginny Shore (Winner)
Melys - Treading Water (Session)
Rhythm Beater - Troublemaker (Cutterz Choice)
Melys - Once Around Again (Session)
Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Peach (Planet Mu)
Six By Seven - Sometimes I Feel Like (White Label)
DJ Messiah - Can't Beat The System [Morph Remix] (AST)
Family - No Mule's Fool (Hux)
Blackout vs Hydraulix - Untitled (Blackout Audio)
Blitters - Eating Your Brains (Bad Hand)
Melys - Girls On Film (Session)
Classics - Till Then (Ace)
Sin Kil Moon - Salvador Sanchez (Jetset)