Wednesday, August 10, 2016

John Peel - 10th August 1991

Featuring sessions from Exit Condition and 25th May.

Orbital - Midnight (FFRR)
Kanda Bongo Man - Zing Zong (Hannibal)
Exit Condition - Slow Reflex (Session)
25th May - Crackdown (Session)
Yximalloo - Millitarhythm (Sakura Wrechords)
Cypress Hill - The Phuncky Feel One (Ruffhouse)
Lovekittens - What Goes On (Sheer Joy)
Roy Orbison - I'll Say It's My Fault 
Culture T - Killer Sound (Greensleeves)
Zen Frisbee - The Ballad Of The Russian Redeye (Jettison)
Ghetto Twins - Waitin' 4 (Ata Tak)
Exit Condition - Learning The Hard Way (Session)
Chicane - When The Truth Hits Home (Faith)
The Four Brothers - Tezvara (Gramma/Kumusha)
Daddy Longhead - 20 lb Jockey (Touch And Go)
Bolt Thrower - Forgotten Existence (Strange Fruit)
The Prodigy - Charly [Alley Cat Mix] (XL Recordings)
25th May - Stuff The Right To Vote (Session)#
Papa San - Original Gunman (Steely + Clevie)
Poster Children - Dee (Twin/Tone)
Poster Children - Love (Twin/Tone)
Poster Children - Freedom Rock (Twin/Tone)
Ivo Papasov And His Orchestra - Song For Baba Nedelya (Hannibal)