Thursday, December 15, 2016

John Peel - 15th December 1996

No sessions in this show just plenty of great tunes.

Voices Of Kwahn - Colonist Dreamer (Swarffinger Records)
Quads - There Must Thousands (Big Bear Records)
DJ Hyperactive - untitled (Planet Of Drums)
Al Ferrier And His Boppin’ Billies - Why Doubt My Love (Goldband)
Delphium - Deepwoundsbleedthorns (Outside Records)
John Doonan And John Wright - Gilligan’s Apples/The Prize Jig (Globestyle)
Prolapse - Flexed (Lissy’s Records)
Pavement - Painted Soldiers (Matador)
Soundman - Shatterproof (Image Productions)
Tshala Muana - Banda Yango (Sterns)
Natacha Atlas - Marifnaash (Nation Records)
Johnny Guitar Watson - Those Lonely Lonely Nights (Ace Records)
Adventures In Stereo - There Was A Time (Creeping Bent)