Tuesday, May 02, 2017

John Peel - 2nd May 1992

Featuring sessions from The Wedding Present and Bang Bang Machine.

Mark NRG - Time 4 Me (Overdrive)
PJ Harvey - Sheela-Na-Gig (Strange Fruit)
The Wedding Present - Flying Saucer (Session)
Chaminuka Training Centre Choir - Mashoka Arba Tchapo
Midway Still - Making Time (Roughneck)
Bang Bang Machine - Monkey (Session)
Equitek - Stylus Flight (R+S)
The Carpettes - Nothing Ever Changes (Beggars Banquet)
Bally Sagoo - Saiyo Nee Mera Dil (Oriental Star Agencies)
Circus Lupus - Straight Through The Heart (Dischord)
The Belairs - Vampire (Iloki)
The Wedding Present - Softly Softly (Session)
Sin City Disciples - Go Work! (Fist Puppet)
The Traveller - Date M [Live Mix] (Wonka Beats)
Po! - Sunday Never Comes Around (Sunday)
Bang Bang Machine - A Charmed Life (Session)
T.P O.K. Jazz - Zena Mama Na Lolita (Tamaris)
Papa Sprain - U swell (H.ark!)
Papa San - Price Increase (xTerminator Records)
The Wedding Present - Come Play With Me (Session)
One By One - Virtual Reality (Words Of Warning)
Tribal Ghost - Malaria Index (Overdrive)
Bang Bang Machine - Say It Again Joe (Session)
Dennis Alcapone - Sunday Version (Heartbeat)
The Family Cat - Steamroller (Dedicated)
Global Method - Release (Ffreedom)
Revs - Just Ask Why (Vinyl Japan)
Green Magnet School - Slipper (Sub Pop)
Refrigerator - Sarah 99 (Shrimper)
Little Johnny Taylor - I Smell Trouble (Ace)
Blab Happy - Inside Out [Feedback Mix] (F-Beat)
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - California Uber Alles (Alternative Tentacles)
The Wedding Present - California (Session)
The Bardots - Miss Another (Cheree)
Tony Chin - Gunfire (Trade Mark)
Drive - Beans (First Strike)
Bang Bang Bang Machine - Justine (Session)
Futurhythm - Transmanic (MFS)