Wednesday, June 07, 2017

John Peel - 7th June 2001

Featuring Mighty Math in session.

Flaming Stars - Somethings You Don't Forget (Vinyl Japan)
Invisibl Skratch Piklz - Word Cut Skratch (Hip Hop Slam)
Lee Fields And The Explorers - You're Love [Is Something I Need] (Soul Fire)
Mighty Math - The Futurist (Session)
Dub Syndicate - Yes It's Bless (Lion/Roots Records)
Stereolab - Captain Easy Chord (Duophonic)
Modogo - Mibo (M G Productions)
White Stripes: The Union Forever (Sympathy For The Record Industry) SFTR=660
Them Wranch - Snakebite (Orange Records)
Ronnie Ronalde - Let Me Sing In Echo Valley (EMI)
Mighty Math - Soulboy (Session)
Leandro Gamez - Radiation (Fieber)
Cane 141 - The Look Out Kid (Decor)
Bailey's Lucky Seven - On The Gin Gin Ginny Shore (Winner)
Barry Brown - No Wicked Shall Enter The Kingdom Of Zion (Fatman)
V/Vm - Love Will Tear Us Apart (White Label)
Locust - Spitting In The Faces Of Fools As A Source Of Nutrition (Gold Standard Laboratories)
Mighty Math - Cherry Chocolate (Session)
Mukka - Lung I Drummul (White Label)
Kaito - Bow Wow (White Label)
Detroit Cobras - Laughing At You (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Link Wray And His Ray Men - Jack The Ripper (Stateside)
Pyro - Spaced (Nerve Records)
Mighty Math - Quarksparking (Session)
Maloko - Midnight Hour (London)
Lorimer - Still Life (White Label)
Bonny Billy - A Dream Of The Sea (Temporary Residence)