Monday, October 30, 2017

John Peel - 30th October 1993

Featuring Stereolab and The Edsel Auctioneer in session.

Simply Red - Thrill Me (EastWest)
The Fall - War (Permanent)
Pulp - Lip Gloss (Island)
Cranium HF - Pinhead State (Hydrogen Dukebox)
Dick Dale - Nitro (Hightone)
Stereolab - Wow And Flutter (Session)
Camille Howard - Fire-ball Boogie (Ace)
Esperan Jamba - ?
The Edsel Auctioneer - Summer Hit (Session)
Elastica - Stutter (Deceptive)
Johnny Cobnut - Ipswich Football Calypso (Exotica)
Gloo Girls - X Con (Bible Belt)
Captain Beefheart - Hair Pie Bake 2 (Straight)
DJ Dick - Silver Surfer (Low Spirit Recordings)
Stereolab - Anemie (Session)
Selvi Wonder And Luciano - Neighbourhood Watch (Exterminator)
Dazzling Killmen - Medicine Me (Skin Graft)
The Edsel Auctioneer - Filled (Session)
Neuro Project - Excursion Out Of Time (2 Beat Music)
Breed - Wonderful Blade (Clawfist)
Spiritualized - Good Times (Dedicated)
Stereolab - Moogie Wonderland (Session)
JB Simbleton And Quincy Bones - Old Time Skanking (Skankin')
Scrawl - Your Mother Wants To Know (Simple Machines)
Jack O’Fire - Moaning At Midnight (Estrus)
The Edsel Auctioneer - State Of Grace (Session)
Ray Martin And His Concert Orchestra - Blue Tango (Columbia)
Zuvuya - Grabbing Nandi By The Horn (Nation Records)
Man Or Astroman? - The Heavies (Lance Rock Records)
Ultimate Life Experience - Escape From Noise (KK Records)
Hood - I Didn’t Think You Were Going To Hit Me In The Face (Fluff)
Stereolab - Heavy Denim (Session)
Tony Rebel - Said And Done (Digital-B)
Mary Lou Lord - Jingle Jangle Morning (Kill Rock Stars)
Edsel Auctioneer - Simple’ (Session)