Monday, November 27, 2017

John Peel - Radio Mafia, 11th July 1991

Originally broadcast on Finland's Radio Mafia.

Wig - Just Obscene (Nocturnal)
Loop - Soundhead (Reactor)
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - More Bad Times (Flying Fish)
Superman And Spiderman - War Disease (OuternationL)
Fall - Room To Live (Kamera) 
The Belltower - Outshine The Sun (Ultimate)
Dick Dale And His Del-Tones - Miserlou (Deltone)
Belt - Bad Breed
Daddy Yod - Raggamuffin (Bakchich)
Foreheads In A Fishtank - I Want To Masturbate At Castle Donnington (Stuf)
Goober Patrol - Stop Me (Boss Tuneage)
Attwenger - Kreuzpolka (Trikont)
Aurlus Mabele Et Le Groupe Loketo - Asta Di (Jimmy International Production)