Thursday, December 14, 2017

John Peel - Rockradio, 14th December 1989

Originally broadcast on Finnish station Rockradio.

Fudge Tunnel - Sex Mammoth (Pigboy)
Prophecy Of Doom - Hybrid Thought (Deaf Records)
Admiral Tibet - We A Go Hang Dem
The Undertones - Rock 'n' Roll (Strange Fruit)
Extreme Noise Terror - Punk, Fact Or Faction (Sink Below)
3rd Bass -Triple Stage Darkness (Def Jam)
Keuhkot - Virallinen Valvoja (Stigma)
Gary Clail - Beef (On U Sound)
Snuff - Another Girl (Workers Playtime)
Faff-Bey: No Rule (Bad Vugum)
MD Connection: Laser Scan (Muzique)