Wednesday, May 02, 2018

John Peel - 2nd May 2000

Featuring Fantasmagroover in session.

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Half Man Half Biscuit - Twenty Four Hour Garage People (Probe Plus)
Sole - Babylon Rhythm Exorcism (OM)
Lightning Hopkins - Walking Blues (Arhoolie)
Fantasmagroover - I Killed Myself Today (Session)
Wallpaper - Balance (Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)
Bis - Dead Wrestlers (Wiiija)
Remote Viewer - A Lot Of Ifs (555 Recordings)
The High Fidelity - Unsorry (Plastique Recordings)
Blue Smarties - Charlatan (Sorted)
Mr + Mrs Young - Sediment (Home Made)
Fantasmagroover - The Wolf (Session)
John Chibadura And Tembo Brothers - Chimeso Meso (CSA)
Daniel Johnston - Kool-Aid (Trikont)
Goldfrapp - Lovely Head (Mute)
Andreas Kremer - Minestrone (Contrast)
Lee Perry - Cold Weather (Metro)
eX-Girl - Puyo (Paranoiz)
Fantasmagroover - Closing Down Sale At The Gun Factory (Session)
Eduard - What Else (Pavlek)
Neko Case And Her Boyfriends - Somebody Led Me Away (Bloodshot)
P!NK - There You Go (Arista)
Alfie - James Dream (Twisted Nerve)
Loxy  And Ink - Quasimodo (Renegade Hardware)
Fantasmagroover - Neptune Valley Hard On (Session)
Portal - Falling (Roisin Recordings)
Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra - Don't Be That Way (Pulse)
Birdhouse - Birdhouse Of Pain (Dark Angel)
Nebula - To The Center (Sweet Nothing)