Monday, August 27, 2018

John Peel - 31st July 1993

Featuring sessions from 7 Year Bitch and Robert Ward And The Otis Grand Blues Band.

Today Is The Day - I Bent Scared (Amphetamine Reptile)
Victoria Kings - Wee Juok (Globe Style)
7 Year Bitch - Damn Good And Well (Session)
Exquisite Corpse - Hi-Fi Therapy (KK Records)
Archbishop Kebab - Too Drunk Too Punk (Trottell)
The Rulers - Copasetic (Trojan Records)
Bratmobile - I Love You, You Little Crocodile (Simple Machines)
The Walking Seeds - Mirrorshades (Butcher’s Hook)
Pussycat Trash - Hot Bed (Chocolate Narcotic)
Curve - Triumph (Anxious)
Robert Ward And The Otis Grand Blues Band - White Fox (Session)
Tony Burrello - The Sound Of Worms (Singles Only Label)
7 Year Bitch - Knot (Session)
Knights Of The Occasional Table - Um, Baby! (Fairy Cake Universe)
Blood Sausage - Static (Wiiija)
Free Kitten - Yoshimi Vs Mascis (Time Bomb)
Ruins - Sac (HG Fact)
Mono Men - Reset (Estrus)
Collapsed Lung - Rotostak (Deceptive)
Stereolab/Nurse With Wound - Exploding Head Movie (Clawfist)
7 Year Bitch - Rock A Bye Baby (Session)
Eat Static - Nucleus Trance (Volume)
Voodoo Queens - Kenuwee Head (Too Pure)
Workdogs - I Saw Mummy Do The Wild Thing (In The Red Recordings)