Monday, October 01, 2018

John Peel - VPRO, 1st October 1986

This was John Peel's final show for Dutch station VPRO.

Ex - They Shall Not Pass (Ex)
Kiem - Behind (Plexus Holland)
Four One And Only's - Completely Nude Between The Forgetmenots (Noet Lachten)
Clan Of Xymox - 7th Time (4AD)
Golden Strings - My Life Is Like A Stanley Knife [Cut, Cut, Cut] (Bang Bang Bang)
Oh' Dev - Raving Bonkers (Limbabwe)
The Moonies - Never (Eksakt)
Pandemonium - Between The Lines (M.A. Draje)
Buy Off The Bar - February 6th (Bang Bang Bang)
Umberto Di Bosso é Compadres - Grandma's Pies (Sound And Vision)
Miners Of Muzo - Vampire Tiger (Eksakt)
Ruby Chain - Mockingbird Hill (Ruby)
Plastic Dolls - Red Car (TV)
Dull Schicksal - Repetitive Smile (Golden Mercy)