Monday, April 27, 2020

John Peel - 27th April 1999

Featuring a live performance from Orbital at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Jah Cure - Situation Get Out Of Control (Kickin')
Pavement - Carrot Rope (Domino)
Cuban Boys - Cognoscenti vs Intelligentsia (CD-R)
Hellacopters - A House Is Not A Motel (Butcher's Hook)
Low - Weight Of Water (Tugboat)
Melt Banana - Picnic In Panic (Tzadik)
Art Of Fighting - Sliding (Half A Cow)
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - Count 0 Number 1 (Trattoria/Polystar)

Orbital live from the Queen Elizabeth Hall

An Fromhair
Da Box
Nowt Left

Spit Out - Tan (Mafrog)
The Fall - On My Own (Artful)
Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus - Pay Tha Wreck, Mr Music King (Creeping Bent)
Hardwire - Tearin' The Country Up (Kingsize)
Shack - Comedy (White Label)
Thomas Wayne - Tragedy
DJ Amethyst And Phil Reynolds: See No Evil (Hintori Sound)