Thursday, May 14, 2020

John Peel 14th May 1994

Featuring sessions from Po! and Eric's Trip.

Blubber -Pornobaby (XMP Records)
Howlin' Wolf - Down In The Bottom (Chess)
Flying Saucer Attack - Distance (Domino)
Po! - Tomboy And Cowgirl (Session)
Sonic Youth - Self-Obsessed and Sexxee (Geffen)
Utah Saints - Highlander [CJ Bolland Remix] (FFRR)
Eric's Trip - Lost (Peel Session)
Don Van Vliet - The Tired Plain (Nur/Nicht/Nur)
Junior Delgado - Long Way (Heartbeat Records)
Fall - Junk Man (Permanent)
Groundhogs - Junkman (Liberty)
Marmion - Firechild (Superstition)
Po! - The Mad Girl (Session)
Polvo - Solitary Set (Touch And Go)
Teen Generate - Growin Up Wrong (Demolition Derby)
Alman Mulo Band - Look At His Face (Taste Records)
Eric's Trip - Sickness (Session)
Harvey Sid Fisher - Capricorn (Amarillo Records)
Drome - Hoax! What Did You Got? (Ninja Tune)
Fireworks - S’link (Crypt Records)
Noise Addict - I Wish I Was Him (Wiiija)
Po! - Pop Star Wives (Session)
Salt Tank - Charged in Zion Canyon (Internal)
Bedhead - Haywire (Trance Syndicate)
Mazey Fade - Porcelain Heads (Domino)
Chico Van Yika Brothers - Amen Barber (Zimbabwe Records)
Eric's Trip - Red Haired Girl (Session)
The Orb - Alles Ist Schoen (Island)
Submarine - JNR Elvis (Ultimate)
Zion Train - Llanberis Pass (Universal Egg)
Po! - A New Grandma (Session)
Gospel Keynotes - Jesus, You've Been Good To Me (Ace)
Rosa Mota - FV 3431 (The Flower Shop Recordings)
Eric's Trip - Float (Session)