Wednesday, November 18, 2020

John Peel - 18th November 2003

 Featuring a session from Immortal Lee County Killers.

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Coachwhips - I Knew Her She New Me (Narnack)
To Rococo Rot - For Bologna (Unhip)
Cynista and K Complex - Mad as Hell (Nu Energy)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Revolution Summer (session)
Spillsbury - Das Spiel Ist Aus (L'Age D'Or/Ladomat)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Soldier Of Lead (Geographic)
Winnebago Warriors - Trailer Trash (Remix) (Stay Up Forever)
Tramp Attack - Oh! When The Sun Goes Down (Must Destroy)
Boxed In - Passivity = Compliance (Busted Heads)
Wailing Souls - Mass Charley Ground (Greensleeves)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Been Down So Long (session)
Sharkey and K-Complex - Pulsive (Synthetix)
Vaults - I'm Going (W/L)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Radio 1 Jingle (session)
Joe Tex - I Believe I'm Gonna Make it (Kent)
Junior Boys - Birthday (Kin)
Fonda 500 - Digital Space Pop (Truck)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Boom Boom (Yeah Yeah) (session)
King Tubby - African Roots (Moll-Selekta)
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Live and Love Tonight (His Masters Voice)
Stereolab - Jaunty Monty And The Bubbles Of Silence (Duophonic)
Sudden Ensemble - 10kHz (Angelika Kohlermann)
Two's Company feat. K Complex - Hardcore Frenzy (Relentless)
The Fire Engines - Candyskin (Pop Aural)
Vaticans - Commotion (Pure Filth)
Denis Rusnak - Working Sister (Arcola)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Cool Driver (session)
D_rradio - Dust And Guitars (Static Caravan)
Soft Machine - Moon in June (Strange Fruit)