Monday, June 28, 2021

John Peel, 28th June 2000

 It was Glastonbury weekend in 2000 and this show features the set from Freestylers.

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Huevos Rancheros - Bring Me The Beard Of Billy Gibbons (Mint)
Dry And Heavy - Tiger Claw Skank (Beat)
Photek - Terminus (Science/Virgin)
Laura Cantrell - No Place For Me (Hello Recording Club)
Gene Vincent - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Secret Technology - Shifter (Fuze)
Zurich - Summer Comes, Summer Goes (Boa)
Portal - Falling (Roisin)
Whistler - Watches Of Switzerland (Wiiija)

Freestylers: live at Glastonbury

Union Kid - 3% Seattle (1970 Recordings)
Dynomite D - Cold Rock (Slabco)
Cowcube - Max Power He's The Man With The Tan (CD-R)
Picture Center - Whatever (North American Recordings)
Knoxville Girls - Armadillo Road Kill Blues/I Feel Better All Over (In The Red)
Tele:Funken - Bluewhite (Domino)
Chuck Wills - It's Too Late (Charly)
Dr Mac - It Bites (Smokers Incorporated)
Festival Of Dead Deer - What Makes Sense (Three One G)
Fink - Bristol Switch (Ntone)
Les Savy Sav - Asleeper's Union (Frenchkiss)
The Flaming Stars - Forget My Name (Vinyl Japan)
Budovitz - Gliner Gasn Nign (Buda Musique)
Trans Am - Now You Die, Thriddle Fool (Thrill Jockey)