Thursday, January 06, 2022

John Peel, 17th January 1990

 Not a complete program but still well worth a listen.

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Sahotas - Buller Buller (Remix) (Multitone)
Nightblooms - One Weak Moment (Orgie)
The Fall - British People In Hot Weather (Fontana)
Black State Choir - Fatwa (Scam)
Lightnin' Slim - Too Close Blues (Excello)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Far Out And Gone (Session)
Frankie Bones - Let's Bass It (Breaking Bones)
Cud - Under My Hat (Ediesta)
Extreme Noise Terror - Sublimnal Music (Mind Control) (Strange Fruit)
Invaders of The Heart - The Unspoken Word (Nation)