Tuesday, August 13, 2013

John Peel - 17th February 1991

Featuring sessions from Fluke and Top.

The Charlatans - Over Rising (Situation Two)
2 Short - Short But Funky (Jive)
Dinosaur Jr - How Do You Pin That One On Me ()
Fluke - Jig (Session)
Jail Cell Recipes - Worn Down (First Strike)
N'gouma Lokito And Soukou Stars - Lydia
Curve - No Escape From Heaven (Anxious)
The Orb - Outland (Wau Mr Modo)
Top - Number One Dominator (Session)
Bongwater - Brave Radio (Shimmy Disc)
Colourman - Preach The Gospel (Techniques)
Thrilled Skinny - Let There Be Shelving
Hardnoise - Mice In The Presence Of The Lion [Part 1] (Music Of Life)
  Sonny Boy Williamson - I Wonder Why (Chess)
Fluke - Taxi (Session)
Damnable Exite Zombies - Blood Rain (MCL)
The KLF - Make It Rain (KLF Communications)
Shabba Ranks - Dem Bow (BP)
Gregory Beck - Pukka Man Jam (BP)
Scarlett Drops - Sweet Happiness (Harriet)
Top - Feel Good (Session)
Throwing Muses - Golden Thing (4AD)
Papa Wemba ft Bongo Wende - Lebuya (Gifrako)
Fluke - Our Definition Of Jazzy (Session)
Cutty Ranks - Can Guard (World Of Music)
Potting Shed - Second Best (Mad Cat)
The KLF - Build A Fire (KLF Communications)
Hole - Burn Black
Levellers 5 - Sticks (Probe Plus)
Dawson - From The Loins Of Mr And Mrs Neurosis (Gruffwit)
Top - When The Summer's Gone (Session)
Gunshot - No Sell Out (Vinyl Solution)
Fluke - Thumper (Session)
Sanchez - Whip Appeal (Mafia And Fluxie)
Splintered - Blaspheme (4th Dimension)
Midwich Cuckoos - Show Me (Big Noise)
Main Source - Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Wild Pitch)
Bongwater - What Kind Of Man Reads Playboy (Shimmy Disc)
Jawbox - Impossible Figure (Dischord)
Dub Syndicate with Andy Fairley - Mafia (On-U-Sound)
Cardinals - I Shouldn't Know (Atlantic)
Slint - Nosferatu (Touch And Go)