Friday, April 18, 2014

John Peel - 19th October 1991

Featuring the one and only session by Simon Robinson and Mark Grant otherwise known as Zero Zero, and a repeat of the fourth and final session from The Pixies who had released their Trompe Le Monde LP a couple of months earlier.

 Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Love And Only Love (Reprise)
Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Rocking In The Free World (Reprise)
Pixies - Palace Of The Brine (Session)
Pixies - Letter To Memphis (Session)
Pixies - Motorway To Roswell (Session)
Pixies - Subbaculture (Session)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Hedley Verityesque (Probe Plus)
The Popguns - Gesture (Midnight Music)
Deadspot - Built In Pain (C/Z)
Itch - The Club (Scratch)
Crayon - Matchbox (Harriet)
Mudwimmin - Wild Bill (IMP)
T-Rex - Sun Eye (Strange Fruit)
Zero Zero - The Sanity Clause (Session)
The Would Be's - My Radio Sounds Better In The Dark (Vinyl Solution)
Virunga - Toweli Nini (Stern's Africa)