Wednesday, April 02, 2014

John Peel - Top Gear, 18th December 1973

Featuring sessions from Fripp and Eno along with Jack The Lad and Bridgett St. John.

Paul McCartney and Wings - Jet (Apple/EMI)
Fripp and Eno - Heavenly Music Corporation (Session)
The Faces - Maybe I'm Amazed (Warner Bros)
Jack The Lad - Back On The Road Again (Session)

Queen - Liar (EMI)
Bridget St. John - Curious And Woolly (Session)
Travis Wammack - Scratchy (Sonic)
Pink Floyd - Bike (Harvest)
Bridget St. John - Choosing, You Lose One (Session)
Jackie Brenston - Juiced (Checker)
Ian Carr's Nucleus - Caliban (Vertigo)
Bridget St. John - Jumble Queen (Session)
Jack The Lad - Fast Lane Driver (Session)
Bridget St. John - Sparrowpit (Session)
Roy Buchanan - After Hours (Polydor)
Jack The Lad - Where The Action Is (Session)
Fripp And Eno - Swastika Girls (Session)
Bridget St. John - In The Bleak Midwinter (Session)