Thursday, April 16, 2015

John Peel 16th April 2002

Featuring a fine session from Technical Itch.

Dirty Sweets - Take You Out (Rip Off)
Ascii Disko - Cool (L'Age D'Or)
George Nooks - Guide Me (Notorious)
The Fall - New Formation Sermon (Action)
Etta James - Stop The Wedding
Ann Cole - Don't Stop The Wedding (Kent)
The Samurai Seven - To The Nth Degree (Rotator)
Winifried Atwell - Five Finger Boogie
Darren Christian - Uni-Fiktion (Flesh)
Be Good Tanya's - Lakes Of Ponchartrain (Nettwerk)
Technical Itch DJ Mix (Session)
Ballboy - Stars And Stripes (SL)
Orchestre Sentima - Mati (Editions N'timbo)
Fix It Kid - Lisa C (Sickroom)
Ermehn - Smokin' With JC (Deepgrooves)
Hokum Clones - If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day (Viper)
Meteor Seven - Universal Music (Bulletproof)
McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions (Too Pure)
Land Of Nod - Seeing Into The Great Void (Ochre)
Grover - Meltdown (Jonson Family)
The Minutemen - Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing (SST)
Decapitated - Symmetry Of Zero (Earache)