Tuesday, April 28, 2015

John Peel - VPRO, 22nd May 1985

Recorded for Dutch radio station VPRO.

Bushmen - Sweat It Out (Upright)
Breaking Circus - [Knife In The] Marathon (Homestead)
Knights Of The Turntables - Fresh Mess [Jam Your Radio] (JDC)
Flesh For Lulu - Seven Hail Marys (Hybrid)
Agitpop - Desk Set (Community 3)
Nicholas Brothers - They Say He Ought To Dance (Stash)
The Vandals - Hocus Pocus (Hybrid)
A. K. Klosowski/Pyrolator - Tschak (Ata Tak)
Green On Red - Fading Away (Enigma)
Texas Instruments - Before We Came To This Religion (Radium)
Frightwig - Vagabondage (Subterranean)
Woody Noble - Bubbling Daddy (Jammy's)
The Cramps - Surfin' Dead (Big Beat)
Lonnie Mack - Baby What's Wrong (Edsel)