Tuesday, May 19, 2015

John Peel - 15th November 1989

Featuring Band Of Susans in session.

Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Factory)
Chuck Turner - Them Trying To Conquer I (Crat)
Sore Throat - ? (Manic Ears)
Band Of Susans - Which Dream Came True (Session)
3rd Bass - Triple Stage Darkness (Def Jam)
The Family Cat - From The City To The Sea (Bad Girl)
Barbel - House By The Airport (Pink Moon)
Band Of Susans - Hard Light (Session)
Morrissey - East West (His Masters Voice)
The Outsiders - Shamwari Yangu
Revenge - Seven Reasons (Factory)
Edward Ebeneezer And Supporters - Come On Ipswich Town (Confection)
Carcass - Ruptured In Purulence (Earache)
3rd Bass - Product Of The Environment (Def Jam)
Band Of Susans - Because Of You (Session)
Thriller U - Wher eWould I Go (Jammy's)
Fatima Mansions - Only Losers Take The Bus (Kitchenware)
Prince Of Dance Music, L.B. Bad - The True Story Of House Music (Nu Groove)
Band Of Susans - Too Late (Session)
Loop - Arc-Lite (Situation Two)