Monday, May 18, 2015

John Peel - 23rd July 1981

Featuring sessions from The Skodas and Method Actors

The Fire Engines - Candyskin (Pop Aural)
Cool To Snog - Satisfaction Week (Vital)
Normil Hawaiians - Dark World (Nothing Shaking)
Misty In Roots - Bail Out (People Unite)
The Skodas - Mouth (Session)
Disease - I Know How (Disease Discs)
The Birthday Party - Release The Bats (4AD)
The Crossfires - Pull Top (Rhino)
Method Actors - Round World (Session)
Joe Tex and Hugh Black - Batman And Robin (Belmont)
Red Star Belgrade - Too Far (EE)
The Skodas - Do It Yourself (Session)
Various Artists - Weekends (?)
Danse Society - Clock (Society)
Bo Diddley - I'm Looking For A Woman (Chess)
Method Actors - E-YE (Session)
Ras Karbi - Jah Rastaman (Rockstone)
Mogel - Kanner Sa Fa (Musiklaget Slick)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Night Shift (Polydor)
The Skodas - Everybody Thinks Everybody Else Is Dead (Session)
23 Jewels - I'll Pay For This (Let's Call It Temporary)
Method Actors - My Time (Session)
Felt - Something Sends Me To Sleep (Cherry Red)
Martin Carthy - King Henry (Topic)
The Human League - Love Action (Virgin)
The Skodas - I'm Not Going To Give A Thing (Session)
Janet Armstrong - Inadequate (Nothing Shaking)
Method Actors - Strictly Gossip/Repetition (Session)
Repetition - The Body Cries (Les Disques Du Crepuscule)
The Skodas - Dog (Session)
The Revolutionaries - Murderous Dub (Rub A Dub)