Tuesday, November 10, 2015

John Peel, 18th September 2003

Featuring Marlowe in session.

Abdullah K - Trip To The Boom (Amex)
3 Inches Of Blood - Sunrise Over The Fjords (Must Destroy)
The Beatbox Saboteurs - Fred Astaire (House Of Beauty)
Marlowe - It's Not A Porno (Session)
Baron - Superfuzz (CIA)
The Marcia Elaine School For Girls - Kamara Debagging (Awkward Silence)
Cat On Form - Sell The Kids To The Kids (Southern)
Rechenzentrum - Projecktor (Mille Plateau)
Sam's Hot Car Lot - Scalp/Lobotomy (Jonson Family)
Marlowe - All Dressed Up (Session)
The Isley Brothers - Take Some Time Out For Love (White Label)
The Black Keys - The MOan (Fat Possum)
Yimino - Hasnar (Weird Eye)

We Invented Tornados - Average (Learning Curve)
Robery Wyatt - Lullaby For Hamza (Hannibal)
The Alpine Yodelling Choir - Song Of The Emmenthatler Vally (Regal)
Marlowe - Stylish (Session)
Junior Boys - Birthday (Kin)
Titwrench - A Question Of A Neck Color (Tigerbeat6)
Kevin Energy - Crescendos Of Ecstasy (Dynamix)

The Keys - Driving School (Too Pure)
Beenie Man and Ms. Thing - Dude (Mad House)
Marlowe - Your Luck Really Matters To Me (Session)
The Modernist - A Goldberg Violation (Wonder)
Melt Banana - Chain Shot To Have Some Fun (A-Zap)
Jimmy Reed - I Found My Baby (Charly)
Storm And Phosphor - Noise Makers (Destructive Force)