Wednesday, November 18, 2015

John Peel 20th June 1989

Another slightly edited show and a little on the short side but still well worth a listen. Featuring session tracks from Dinosaur Jr.

Minor Threat - Little Friend (Dischord)
The Pastles - Ugly Town (Chapter 22)
Dinosaur Jr - Chunks (Session)
Hoverchairs - Hide And Seek (Tempest)
Doctor And The Crippens - Garden Centre Murders (Manic Ears)
Energetic Krusher - The Blast (Vinyl Solution)
A Certain Ratio - The Big E (A+M)
Cowboy Killers - Hoopla Stand (Words Of Warning)
What? Noise - Vein [Remix] (Bop Cassettes)
Dinosaur Jr - No Bones (Session)
The Lemonheads - Come Back Da (World Service)
Dinosaur Jr - Budge (Session)