Tuesday, December 01, 2015

John Peel - 17th February 1982

Featuring sessions from Come In Tokio and Steel Pulse.

Social Distortion - Lude Boy
Theatre Of Hate - Judgement Hymn (Burning Rome)
Spliffy Dan - Dreadlocks Preaching Love (Message/Rockers)
Come In Tokio - Walk Away (Session)
Cocteau Twins - Speak No Evil (Flexi)
Steel Pulse - Man No Sober (Session)
Playgroup - Hoggs Might Fly (Cherry Red)
Conservatives - Just Cause
Come In Tokio - Save Me From Falling (Session)
The Meters - Africa (Reprise)
Lijadu Sisters - Erora (Afrodisia)
Maximum Joy - Building Bridges/Buiding Dub (Y12 Y15)
Roy Orbison - Go Go Go
Ranking Toyan - Bully Dread (DJ Clash)
Nicodemus Shaolin Pat (DJ Clash)
Come In Tokio - Tokio (Session)
Captain Sensible - The Russians Are Coming (Crass)
Modern Warfare - Street Fightin' Man
Steel Pulse - Ravers (Session)
Come In Tokio - Nature Call (Session)
Steel Pulse - Blues Dance (Session)
Lijadu Sisters - Gbwomo Mi (Afrodisia)