Wednesday, December 23, 2015

John Peel - 23rd December 1995 (BFBS)

Originally broadcast on the British Forces Broadcasting service.

Dreadzone - Little Britain (Virgin)
The Grifters - Covered With Flies (Sub Pop)
The Sewing Room - Broken Life Waltz (Dead Elvis)
Light Crust Doughboys - Did You Ever Hear A String Band Swing (Longhorn)
Wrens - Life Stories From The Union (Sonic Bubblegum)
Thomas Bangalter - Ventura (Roule)
Ventures - Honky Tonk (Dolton)
Roc - Girl With A Crooked Eye (Little Star Recordings)
Super Deluxe - Johnny's Gone Sledding With The Queen
Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk
Number One Cup - Outboard Motors (Flydaddy)
Audio Illusion - Passport (Demo)
Solar Race - Get Ahead (Silvertone)
Buccaneer - Hungry (Penthouse)
Al Casey - Surfin' Hootenanny (Sundazed Music Inc)
Red Red Meat - Gauze (Sub Pop)
Future Power Alliance - Ambush (Fvturus Recordings)
Baby Bird - Cool And Crazy Things To Do (Baby Bird Recordings)
Mack Macaire - ? (Jimmy's Productions)
The Wedding Present - Convertible (Cooking Vinyl)
Charles Napiers - I Asked For Water, She Gave Me Gasoline (O.M.D.)
Ec8or - Speed Erection (Digital Hardcore)
Rumble - Ten Seconds (Dead Elvis)
Texas Is The Reason - If It's Here When We Get Back It's Ours (Revelation)
Dreadzone - Little Britain [Eon Mix] (Virgin)
New Bad Things - Nesting (Lissy's)
Hot Butter - Skokian (Asphodel)