Tuesday, January 19, 2016

John Peel - 19th January 1996

Featuring sessions from Bob Tilton and DJ Hell.

Phonki - Fight For Your Rights (Crapshoot)
Pavement - Give It A Day (Big Cat)
Bob Tilton - A Song About Killing (Session)
Dope Jam - Step To Me (Rude And Deadly)
Stereolab - Spark Plug (Duophonic)
DJ Hell - Mother Funk (Session)
Quadrajets - Dixie Speedway (One Louder)
Kenickie - Come Out 2 Night (Fierce Panda)
Kenickie - How I Was Made (Fierce Panda)
Outline - Chinese  Juice [Hoo Fun MIx] (Boom)
Love As Laughter - Keep Your Dhade (K)
Chopper - Josephine (Crackle!)

Aba Shanti I - Positive Vibration Verse II (Falasha Recordings)
Gila Monster - Marvin Abody (Trade Mark Grammophon)
Bob Tilton - Butterfly/Orchard Bare (Session)
Myrtle K. Hilo - Lover's Prayer (Asphodal)
Boymerang - Getting Closer (Leaf)
Inca Eyeball - The Subconscious Is Not Such A Dangerous Thing You Know (Fusetron)
DJ Hell - Risveglio Di Una Citta (Session)
Kirk Lake - Hands (Che')
Super 8 - How Can I Understand The Flys (Garcia)
The Flys - Love And A Molotov Cocktail (EMI)
Tonic - Wake Up Call (Lucky Spin Recordings)
Cub Koda - Scratchin' And Whammin' (Schoolkids Records)
The Fall - The Chislers (Jet)