Wednesday, January 27, 2016

John Peel - 27th January 1986

Featuring session tracks from Microdisney and Yeah Yeah Noh.

Yeah Yeah Noh - The Superimposed Man (Session)
Hya Nya - Some Girls And Wild (Hya Nya)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Sealclubbing (Probe Plus)
Microdisney - Bullwhip Road (Session)
Chicago Bears Shuffling Crew - The Superbowl Shuffle (Mercury)
The Chills - Satin Doll (Flying Nun)
Mighty Ballistics Hi-Power - Francos Fleet Street (Criminal Damage)
Yeah Yeah Noh - Stealing In The Name Of The Lord (Session)
Traddodiad Ofnus - ? (Anhrefn)
White Flag - Wake Up Screaming (Gasatanka)
Frankie Paul - Play With Me (Aqua)