Monday, September 26, 2016

John Peel - 26th September 1988

Not a complete show by any means but any program which contains The Four Brothers in session surely must be heard.

U-Men - Juice Party (Tupelo Recording Company)
That Petrol Emotion - Candy Love Satellite (Virgin)
Eøn - Light Colour Sound (Vinyl Solution)
James - Fairground (Blanco Y Negro)
Four Brothers - Rugare (Peel Session)
Les Thugs - I Need You (Vinyl Solution)
Kid 'N Play - Gittin’ Funky (Select)
Plaid Retina - Plaid Retina (Shigaku)
Hollies - Look Through Any Window (Parlophone)
IInd Street Dread - Love The Way You Dub (Atra)
Bambi Slam - Long Time Comin (Blanco Y Negro)
Four Brothers - Uchandifunga (Peel Session)
Beat Hotel: Smile (Household)