Tuesday, July 04, 2017

John Peel - 4th July 2000

Featuring a great set from The Delgados recorded live at Union Chapel.

Nasum - Mass Hypnosis (Relapse)
Inevidence - The All New Richie Show (Pussyfoot)
Mama Guitar - Hey Now (F├╝nfUndVierzig)
Total Science: Skool Dayze (C.I.A.)
Beale - Love Over Gold (Plastic Cowboy)
Mukka - Serga (Cathouse)
Titan - Honey (Tombola)
Mark Tyler - Dropped [In It] (No Entry)
Sitcom Warriors - My Friends (CDR)
Culture - Have Have (RAS)

The Delgados Recorded Live At Union Chapel 13th May 2000
Knowing When
Everything Goes Around The Water
Reasons For Silence
No Danger
Don't Stop
American Trilogy
Accused Of Stealing
Make Your Move
Aye Today
Pull The Wires From The Wall
13 Gliding Principles

Infamous - Torture (White Label)
The Fendermen - Torture (Soma)
Electric Music - Look So Haunted (ZubiZaretta)
Country Joe And The Fish - Death Sound (Fontana))
Melt Banana - I Hate It! (Skin Graft)
Space Ponch - Kinga Crew (Moikai)
Lew Stone And His Orchestra - Here Comes Cookie (Lookie Lookie Lookie) (Ceraton)
Chris Leibing - Potthead In Portsmouth (Geushky) ‎
Inter - Real Horror Show (Yoshiko)
Augustus Pablo - My Guiding Red (Impact!)
T2 - In Circles (Decca)