Monday, March 12, 2018

John Peel - 12th March 1990

An edited show featuring the many talents of Jellyfish Kiss in session.

Jellyfish Kiss - Crazy Bong (Session)
Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid (Nu Groove)
Arson Garden - Two Sisters [Love All Around Them] (Community 3)
Brilliant Corners - Loves Like This (McQueen)
Jellyfish Kiss - Little Red Car (Session)
Buttsteak - Wow Groovy Cool (Camp Zama International)
Special Ed - Deadly Fish (Cubist Productions)
Jellyfish Kiss - Premortem (Session)
Hip-Hop Against Apartheid - Afrika Libre [N.Y.C. Demonstration Live Mix] (Gee Street)
Filthy Christians - Just Another Metal Band (Earache)
Subvert - What Does It Mean? (Raging)
Agathocles - Consuming Endoderme Pus (Hurry Hurry)
Identity - Personality Matters (Fourth Dimension)
Macabre - Fritz Haarman The Butcher (Vinyl Solution)
United Mutation: Own Way (DSI/Dischord)
Jellyfish Kiss: I'm Sticking With You (Session)