Wednesday, March 14, 2018

John Peel - 14th March 1990

Featuring MC Buzz B in session.

Bigg Ocean Mobb IV-1-5 - Ghetto Radio (RCA)
The Melvins - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (Boner)
Arson Garden - Face Of Resistance (Community 3)
Gregory Peck - Important To Be Nice (Jammy's)
Mega City Four - Finish (Decoy)
David Bowie - The Laughing Gnome (Deram)
Inspiral Carpets - This Is How It Feels [Drum Mix] (Mute)
MC Buzz B - Mr Smooth (Session)
Negativland - The Perfect Cut (RecRec)
Agathocles - The Accident (Hurry Hurry)
J.M.K.E. - Tbilisi Tänavad (Stupido)
Confidential - Psychopath (Catt)
Sex Clark Five - The Norman Shuttle (Bloodmoney)
The Heartthrobs - I Wonder Why (One Little Indian)
MC Buzz B - Good Mourning (Session)
Daniel Johnston - Some Things Last A Long Time (Shimmy Disc Europe)
Jimmy Reed - Goin' To New York (Veejay)
Jimmy Reed - Ain't That Lovin' You (Veejay)
Wild Billy Childish And Natural Born Lovers - What You Want Me To Do (Hangman)
Jane Pow - Sophia Green (Ambition)
Young MC - I Come Off (Delicious Vinyl)