Monday, June 11, 2018

John Peel - 11th June 1993

Featuring sessions Trumans Water and The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa

Reverend Horton Heat - You Can’t Get Away From Me (Sub Pop)
Peach - Burn (Mad Minute)
Orbit III - Black Sun [Instrumental Haze] (Houze Factory)
Trumans Water - All Wet West Of Washington (Session)
Tom Reeves - Primitive Love (Mr Manicotti Records)
Oil Seed Rape - Rib Donor (Jackass)
Sex Clark Five - Love Me Much (Skyclad Records)
Senser - Eject [Over Zealous Mix] (Ultimate)
Polvo - Tilebreaker (Touch And Go)
My Bloody Valentine - Drive It All Over Me (Creation)
Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Fluidum (Session)
Blade - Take It To The Edge (691 Influential)
Trumans Water - Long End Of A Firearm (Session)
Bobby Long And The Dealers - Heartbreak Avenue (Old Town)
Hole - Burn Black (City Slang)
Moonshake - Girly Loop (Too Pure)
C-Tank - Drugtrash (Overdrive)
Brian Sewell - Her Majesty (Exotica)
Heavens To Betsy - Monsters (Kill Rock Stars)
Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Alpha Centauri (Session)
Trumans Water - Large Organs’ (Session)
NSO Force - In 2 Deep (Ticking Time Records)
Simba Wanyika - Nakupenda Cherie (Kameleon)
Speaking Canaries - Burning Loose (Mind Cure)
The Fall - No Xmas For John Quays (Step Forward)
New Decade - Statue Of Gold (Out Of Romford Records)
Captain Jesus And The Sunray Dream - Anarchy In The USA (Criminal Records)
Terror Fabulous - Drop It Cool (Black Scorpio)
Trumans Water - Seven Holes (Session)
Alluring Strange - Prison Love (Veracity Musik)
Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Trance Between The Stars (Session)
Camille Howard - Fire-ball Boogie (Ace)
Brides Make Acid - Flying Over Frankfurt (Outcast Clan)
Johnboy - Sourmouth (Trance Syndicate Records)
The Swirlies - Park The Car By The Sound Of The Road (Taang!)
Hadda Brooks - That’s My Desire (Ace)
Trumans Water - Hair Junk Fiver (Session)
Star Power - Drifter (Visionary)
Lone Ranger - No Tribal War (Spiderman)
Fly Ashtray - Owl Mound (Hemiola Records)
Koenig Cylinders - 99.9 (Industrial Strength)