Tuesday, June 05, 2018

John Peel - BFBS, 5th June 1997

Another fine show for the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Germany.

Folk Implosion - Checking In (Communion Label)
Lightnin' Hopkins - Airplane Blues (Fontana)
Flying Saucer Attack - Last Dream Song (Enraptured)
Cable - God Gave Me Gravity (Infectious)
Orphic - Midnight Fields [Van Cleef Mix] (Pagoda Recordings)
Altered Images - I Could Be Happy (Epic)
Smog - I Was A Stranger (Domino)
Man Or Astro-Man? - Specify Gravity (One Louder)
Stock, Hausen And Walkman - Old Bloke (Systhema Verlag)
Henry Houston And Cufflinx - Lawful Wedding (Ace)
Bill Ding - Know It Right (Hefty)
Frankie Paul And Yellowman - More Oil Inna Mi Lamp (Scorpio)
Cagney And Lacee - Memphis (No. 6)
DJ Sy meets Billy "Daniel" Bunter - Brand New Concept (Great British Techno Inc)
Dustball - Yeah (Damaged Goods)
Merricks - Mondo Musicland (Sub-Up)
Revelino - Happiness Is Mine (DiRT)
Great Unraveling - Space Travel (Vermiform)
Dave Clarke - Cars (Beggars Banquet)
T-Model Ford - Can't Be Touched (Fat Possum)
Irving Klaw Trio - Jizzo The Clown (Road Cone)
Bangtwister - You're So Loose (Flotsam And Jetsam)
Flotsam And Jetsam - Mrs. Peer Gynt (Claremont)
The Fall - The Reckoning (Permanent)
Effike - KD [Bus Shelter Mix] (Pagoda Recordings)
Bloodloss - Rutland Explained (In The Red Recordings)
Terry Edwards And The Scapegoats - Boots Off! (Wiiija)
F.S.K. - Jacques Rivette Of Paris (Disko B)