Tuesday, July 10, 2018

John Peel - 10th July 2003

Featuring Hyper Kinako in session.

Amen Andrews - Fast And Bulbous (Rephlex)
Saloon - Intimacy (Track And Field)
Hyper Kinako - Two Tadgers (Session)
David Jack - Finger Style (Knife Fighting Monkeys)
Blizzard Boys - Loosing It [Justrich mix] (Blizzard Tracks)
Agenda - 50,000 Watts Of Love! (Must Destroy)
Pilotcan - Passion Gap (Evol)
Keaton - The Invisible Man (Renegade Hardware)
Hyper Kinako - Don't Delete My Frog (Session)
Odd Nosdam - Track 3 (Anticon)
Herman Düne - The Static Comes From My Broken Heart (Track And Field)
Turbonegro - Get It On (Must Destroy)
Alfredo And His Band - My Song Of The Nile (Edison Bell Radio)
Ethan Durelle - I Get Shot In Every Film I'm In (Esotype)
Hyper Kinako - Bika Lika (Session)
Toktok vs Soffy O - Jean (Fuel)
Electro Hippies - Am I Punk Yet? (Necrosis)
Shirovski - Revolver (White Label)
Evolution Control Committee - Spandau Filet (Seeland)
Magnum Force - Blow The Bloody Doors Off (Stay Up Forever)
Hyper Kinako - Fucksake Sujiko (Session)
Michael Chapman - Postcards Of Scarborough (Harvest)
Entity Squad - Du Fährst Mich Verrückt (Draft)
Natural Black - Budget (White Label)
Million Dead - Breaking The Back (Integrity)
JB And Benny Blanco - Flight 411 (Back 2 Basics)
Hyper Kinako - Popping Step (Session)
Shanty, Tazz And Concept - The Beast Of Hardcore (Digital Beatz)