Monday, July 02, 2018

John Peel - 2nd July 1993

Featuring sessions from Werefrogs and Polvo.

PJ Harvey - Wang Dang Doodle (Island)
Yami Bolo - Ghetto Youthman Have To Make It (Yam Euphony Music)
Orbital - Monday (Internal)
Polvo - Watch The Nail (Session)
Eggplant - Still We Fall [Into The Same Trap] (The Bus Stop Label)
Beautiful People - Rilly Groovy [Vibe Sauce “Dig This” Mix] (Essential)
Werefrogs - H Dumpty (Session)
Even As We Speak - Getting Faster (Sarah)
Datblygu - Ein (Ankst)
Leonard Cohen - Bird On The Wire (Columbia)
Red Rose With Roundhead - Boom Boom Bye (Taxi)
Polvo - Thermal Cupid (Session)
Snog 6 - Misery (Happy Dog Rekordz)
Transform - Transform [The Irresistible Force Remix] (Rising High)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (DGC)
William S Burroughs/Kurt Cobain - The “Priest” They Called Him (Tim/Kerr Records)
Bob Gaddy - Come On Little Children (Ace)
Werefrogs - Solvenia (Session)
39 Orbits - Hypnotising (Red Seal)
Polvo - 6 Leaf Clover (Session)
I, Ludicrous - Hacky’s Wine Bar (Old King Lud)
Spiritualized - I Want You (Dedicated)
© - The Boy Who Used 2 Whistle (Transglobal)
Oumou Dioubate - Bimolou (Sterns Africa)
Werefrogs - John The Revelator (Session)
Beatnik Filmstars - Sing Elvis (La-Di-La Productions)
Magic Sam - Magic Rocker (Charly Records)
Fruitcake - Aorta (Pit's Bull)
Babes In Toyland - Laredo (Southern)
PSI Division - Phalanges (Hardware)
Sugar Minott - Can’t Test Me (Mixing Lab)
Polvo - Double Scorpio (Session)
Tellurian - My Name Doesn’t Matter (Mokum)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - 282 Years (Records)
Heavenly - P.U.N.K. Girl (Sarah)
Los Mustang - Please Please Me (Exotica)
Astro Spider - Ritmista Remix (Wonka Beats)
Werefrogs - Potvan (Session)
Ike Turner - Prancin (Red Lightnin')
Shaba Kahamba - Bitumba (Karac Records)
Seefeel - Mood Swing (Too Pure)
Festering Rinyanyons - Satisfaction Slips Away (Bovine Records)