Wednesday, September 05, 2018

John Peel - 5th September 2002

Featuring Cowcube in session.

Maloko - In The Midnight Hour (London)
Jeff Mills - Stark [Detroit Story] (React)
Ikara Colt - Panic (Fantastic Plastic)
Cowcube - Super Music Boy (Session)
Ronnie Ronalde And The Beatbox Saboteurs - The Yodelling Whistler (Demo)
Baron - Speed Demon (Renegade Hardware)
Damage - Handsome Pete (Death Wish)
The Baptist Generals - Alcohol [Turn And Fall] (Munich)
Everton Chambers - The Liberator (Sam 7)
Cowcube - Truffle Shuffle (Session)
Headland - Let's Hear It For God (Touchy Feely)
The Corsairs - Smoky Places (Ace)
Boom Bip - Popsicle (Lex)
Ella Fitzgerald - My Happiness (Brunswick)
Send More Paramedics - Zombified (Terrorizer)
The Dawn Parade - The Hole In My Heart (Sugar Town)
Cowcube - Ouch (Session)
Doormouse - God Hates To Ball  (Planet Mu)
Pulp - Babies (V2)
Grandpa Jones - It's Raining Here This Morning (Ace)
People Like Us - Clippety Cart Horse (Mess Media)
Scientific Support Dept. - Harpi (Creeping Bent)
Black Lung - Abnormality Broadcast Remix (Atomic Reactor)
The Flaming Stars - Midnight Train (Vinyl Japan)
Cowcube - George (Session)
Run For Cover Lovers - Transmission Standard (Rockin' Pussy)
King Tubby And Friends - Don't Cry Dub (Original Music)
Deasy - Haul (Fear)