Tuesday, September 04, 2018

John Peel - 4th September 2002

Featuring Caroline Martin in session.

Doormouse - Flatter Platter Playboy Batter (Planet Mu)
Caroline Martin - So I Sing (Session)
Pinhole - So Over You (Too Nice)
Boom Bip - Closed Shoulders (Warp)
Laura Cantrell - Early Years (Spit and Polish)
Miss Black America - Miss Black America (Integrity)
Bulletproof - Scorched Earth (Cyanide)
Caroline Martin - The Next Day (Session)
Kid 606 - When I Want Something New (Tigerbeat6)
Numbers - Human Replace (Tigerbeat6)
Jah Mason - Hill Vibes (Pow Pow)
Dawn Of the Replicants - Leaving Town (Flying Sparks)
Caroline Martin - A Doubting Song From A Dog (Session)
DJ Rupture - Track 2 (Tigerbeat6)
Papa M - Roses In The Snow (Domino)
Stephin Merritt - Some Summer Day (Sketchbook)
George Mbendera - Watali Watali (Pamtondo)
People Like Us - Sing With Melodious Inarticulate Sound (Mess Media)
Caroline Martin - All I Have Left Is A Horse (Session)
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - A Shotgun and Me (Arrivederci Baby)
Ronnie Ronalde - The Buccaneers [Beatbox Saboteurs remix] (Demo)
Knifehandchop - Destiny's Abusive Stepfather (Irritant)
Raiden - Abyss (Renegade Hardware)
Sheep - Hide And Seek (Boom)
Anthony B - Jah Is My Guide (SAM Entertainment)
Caroline Martin - Without Permission (Session)
Erase Errata - Retreat, The Most Familiar, Extensive, I Bet (Tigerbeat6)
The Telescopes - Tesla Death Ray (Double Agent)