Saturday, April 15, 2023

John Peel - 18th January 1997

 Featuring session tracks from Bennet.

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Engine 88 - Seconal (Caroline)
Turbulent Force - Renegade (Emissions Audio Output)
Ender - We Can't Forget The Snake, Your Tongue (Sing! Eunuchs)
Bill Hoover - To Swiftly (Ging! Eunuchs)
Ichmael - I Don't Want My People Perish (Jahteck Productions)
Bennet - Married With Children (Session)
Jeff Mills - Theme From 2000 (International Deejay Gigolo)
Adventures In Stereo - We'll Meet Again (Creeping Bent)
The Fall - Container Drivers (Session)
Mukuyuni Boys - Beth (Barak)
Heads - Delwyn's Conkers (Man's Ruin)
The Make Up - At The Tone (Dischord)
u-Ziq - The Hydrozone (Planet Mu)
Penguins - Earth Angel (Dootone)
Kenickie - My Nights Out (Zerox)
Menace & USD - Insect War (Area 51 Records)
RLW - Moraine's Eyes (Black Rose)
Bennet - Bennet Have Left The Building (Session)
Panacea - Torture (Position Chrome)
Fendermen - Torture (Soma)
Judson J. Eiloart - Distortion Orchestra (Intastella)