Wednesday, December 18, 2013

John Peel - 22nd April 1994

This fine program includes all three sessions Nirvana recorded for the show between 1989 and 1991. It was broadcast shortly after the death of Kurt Cobain who had died a few weeks earlier. Again this is not a complete show and I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could furnish me with the rest of this show.

Loop Guru - Hymn {Amazonian Mix] (Nation)
Doo Rag - Can't Be Satisfied (Bloat)
Heavy Vegetable - Thingy (Headhunter)
Heavy Vegetable - Saloon (Headhunter)
The Arabs - A Message (Hit and Run)
Mazey Fade - ? (Domino)
Sleeper - Delicious (Indolent)
Hiroshima - Self Immolation (Dream Inn)
Space Streakings - Sexual Aesthetic Salon After School (Skin Graft)
Hardfloor - Roarrh (Harthouse)
Nirvana - Love Buzz (Session)
Nirvana - About A Girl (Session)
Nirvana - Polly (Session)
Nirvana - Spanx Thru (Session)
Nirvana - Son Of A Gun (Session)
Nirvana - Molly's Lips (Session)
Nirvana - D7 (Session)
Nirvana - Turnaround (Session)
Nirvana - Dumb (Session)
Nirvana - Drain (Session)
Nirvana - No Title As Yet (Session)
King Tubby - Conquering Dub (Prophets)
Lobe - Honeybee (Dipsomania)
Peter Perfect Meets Justin Robertson - Pitstop (Finiflex)