Friday, December 27, 2013

John Peel - 23rd March 1991

A slightly muddy sound to this one but I'm sure we can live with it. A superb program as you can detect from the fact that it contains sessions from The Fall and The Shamen.

Butthole Surfers - Something (Alternative Tentacles)
Chapterhouse - Pearl (Dedicated)
Black Radical - My Radix Point (Mango)
The Fall - The War Against Intelligence (Session)
The Shamen - Hyperreal (Session)
Amayenge - Umwana Amonakela Muchelo (Mondeca)
Schlong - The Mountain's Not Dead (Community Free)
Eon - Inner Mind Deep Thought (Vinyl Solution)
Pete Wylie and The Farm - Sinful (Siren)
Cobra - Call It Off (Sinbad Productions)
Cocoa T - No Blood For Oil (Two Friends)
Capelton - Too Warsome (Fresh Breed)
Bastro - I Come From A Long Line Of Shipbuilders (Homestead)
Duke Boy Bonner One Man Band - Running Shoes (Savage Kid)
25th May - Solid State Logic [The Shiner Mix] (Arista)
The Fall - Idiot Joy Showland (Session)
The Parasites - Last Caress (Shredder)
The Shamen - Make It Mine (Session)
Master Mwana Congo - La Jeunesse (Saxone)
Spirea X - Chlorine dream (4AD)
Egg - Seven Have A Jolly Good Time (Deram)
Eskimos In Egypt - Don't You Do It (Deutsche Englischer Freundshaft)
Codeine - Cave In (Glitterhouse)
Paul Leary - Apollo 1 (Rough Trade)
Boo Radleys - Bluebird (Rough Trade)
Kid Capri - The Joke's On You Jack (Cold Chillin')
The Fall - A Lot Of Wind (Session)
The Jesters - Fuzzy Wuzzy [Wuz A Bear]
Sonic Youth - The Bedroom (Geffen)
Terry Edwards - Everything's Alright When You're Down (Stim)
The Shamen - Possible Worlds (Session)
Extreme Noise Terror - In  It For Life (Sink Below)
Gregory Isaacs And Bunny Rugs - Here Comes Rudi (Exterminator)
I Ludicrous - Duller Than... (Rodney Rodney)
Monomen - I Don't Care (Estrus)
Grande Metre Franco - Azpa 
The Fall - The Mixer (Session)
Moose - The Ballad Of Adam And Eve (Hut)
DJ Spike - Unsanity (Blanc)
Pitchshifter - Inflammator (Deaf)
The Shamen - In The Bag (Session)
Wayne Wonder And Cutty Ranks - Lambada (Greensleeves)