Thursday, December 19, 2013

John Peel - 4th December 2001

Featuring the excellent Wauvenfold in session. This was their only unfortunately their only session for the program and I don't even seem to have any Wauenfold records which is quite distressing.

Tystion - Y Meisri (Fitamin Un)
Heads - Dissonaunt  (Sweet Nothing)
Dreadzone - Return Of The Dread (Rufflife)
Herman Dune -HD Rider (Prohibited)
DJ Teebee - Lost Souls (Certificate 18)
Wauvenfold - Welcome (Session)
Detachment Kit - 11.22.63 (Self Starter Foundation)
Kanda Bongo Man - Monie (Nascente)
Kid 606 - Damn Dre Why Are You Always Hating On Me (WMF) 
The Hives - Mad Man (Poptones)
Wauvenfold - Selenium Plus (Session)
Gorelord - Crucified Goat Drenched In Blasphemic Blood (Baphomet)
Boone Creek - Drifting Too Far From The Shore (Rounder)
Walter Thomas and His Jump Cats - Broke But Happy
Paul Maddox - Control [Chad Lewis Vs DJ Smile Remix] (UK Power)
My Two Toms - Gladys (Slumber Party)
Unfinished Sympathy - Euphoria Under Water (BCore)
Wauvenfold - Rebix (Session)
Set Fire To Flames - Wild Dogs Of The Thunderbolt (Alien8)
Charley Patton - Hammer Blues (Revenant)
Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia - Life Support (Jitter)
Multiplicity - Python V.2 (Superstition)
The Come-On's - Something Fool (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Louden Wainwright III - Donations (Evangeline)
Wauvenfold - Clip (Session)
Boriqua Tribez - Booty Master (Contrast)
Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter (Warner Bros)