Wednesday, February 11, 2015

John Peel - 28th November 2002

Featuring J. Mascis in session.

DJ Brokenwindow - Hair, Nails, Percolator (Violent Turd)
Soledad Brothers - Stand Up (Sweet Nothing)
Bo Diddley - Don't Let It Go (B.G.O)
Jay Walker - Initiate (Rising High)
J. Mascis - I Feel Like Going Home (Session)
5 Miles High - All Girls Can't Be Like This (Demo)
Zeigenbock Kopf - Sex With A MAn (Tigerbeat6)
Centro-Matic - Upton To RIverhead To Mastic (Munich)
Botch - Framce (Hydra Head)
June Tabor - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Topic)
2 Bad Cards - Noise Polluters (On U Sound)
J. Mascis - Alone (Session)
Treasure Isle All Stars - Arabian Dub (Trojan)
The Bothy Band - FArewell To Erin (Polydor)

The Helen Lundy Trio - Mysterious Disappearances (Helen Lundy Trio)
Squarepusher - Vic Acid (Warp)
Lanin's Famous Players - Stealiny (Winner)
Bad Company - Hornet (Session)
 J. Mascis - Everybody's Let Me Down (Session)
Beatbox Saboteurs - Windows 2002 (House Of Beauty)
Black Strobe - Me And Madonna (Output)
The Gun Club - Preaching The Blues (Beggars Banquet)
Stereolab - John Cage Bubble Gum (Strange Fruit)
3 Stages Of Pain - Death Rides The Highway (Undergrove)
The Carter Family - My Sweetheary Is A Poor Working Girl/Waves Of The Sea (Arhoolie)
JB and Pugz - So Good (Back 2BAsics)
J. Mascis - Freak Scene (Session)
Dawn Of The Replicants - This Old Hammer (Flying Sparks)
Ken Coyler's Skiffle Group - Take This Hammer (Lake)