Monday, February 02, 2015

John Peel - 7th June 1988

Featuring Pixies in session.

Ripchord - Poetic Justice (Raging)
Stars Of Heaven - What Else Could You Do (Rough Trade)
H Be Bad feat. Sweetwater - Keep On Moving (Popular)
Pixies - Wild Honey Pie (Session)
Disco Four - Stomp Stomp Clap (Reality)
The Primevals - China Pig (Imaginary)
CUlture Shock - United (Bluurg)
New Black Montana - Mandela
Hard On's - Figaro (Vinyl Solution)
Pixies - Caribou (Session)
Kool G And DJ Polo - Poison (Prism)
Shack - Hi Rise, Low Life (Ghetto Recording Company)
Doctor And The Crippins - Death Squad (Manic Ears)
Sugar Minot - If I Give My Love (Youth Promotion)
The Groove Farm - Nancy Sinatra (Subway Organization)
Denise Motto - Totally Serious (Play House) 
Perfect Daze - Barstool On The Floor (Vinyl Solution)
Pixies - In Heaven [Lady In The Radiator Song] (Session)
Hop Wilson And His Buddies - Be Careful With The Blues (Ace)
EPMD - Get Off The Bandwagon (Fresh)
The Fall - Kicker Conspiracy (Rough Trade)
Frankie Paul - Love Been Taken (Youth Promotion)
Pixies - Hey (Session)
Jerry's Kids - Tear It Up (Xclaim)
Little Feat - Texas Rose Cafe (Warner Bros)
Tackhead - What's My Mission Now? (On U Sound)
The Parachute Men - Leeds Station (Fire)
Tex Isley - Silver Bells (Leader)
Taking Your Business - Long Live Hip Hop (Bad Boy Records)
Pixies - Levitate Me (Session)
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Mercy Seat (Mute)
Them - Here Comes The Night (Parrot)