Wednesday, October 14, 2015

John Peel 11th December 1993

Featuring Elastica in session.

Inspiral Carpets - Party In The Sky [Dub Federation Dub] (Mute)
Man Or Astroman - ? (One Louder)
Prolapse - Psychotic Now (Cherry Red)
Bounty Killer - Not Another Word (Greensleeves)
Magazine - Shot By Both Sides (Virgin)
Eric's Trip - Frame (Sub Pop)
The Hollywood Flames - The Wheel Of Fortune (Ace)
Rev One - Synthless (Infonet)
The Fall - M5 (Permanent)
The Meat Puppets - Oh Me (SST)
Infinity Projects - Bizarro (Dragonfly)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Running Order Squabble Fest (Probe Plus)
Elastica - Annie (Session)
Ebineezer Calendar And His Band -?
Julian Cope - Head Hang Low
Three Phase - Dog Days
The Dambuilders - Shrine (SpinART)
John Fahey - Bottleneck Blues (Takoma)
Submarine - Consolation Prize (Ultimate)
Elastica - Spastica (Session)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Steal Softly Thru Snow (Straight)
Labradford - Dimembering (Kranky)
Teenage Filmstars - [There's A Cloud] Over Liverpool (Clockwork)
Sonic Youth - Starpower (Blast First)
Forkeye - Outside Now (Human Condition)
Danny Komoko And Suku Stars - ?
God Is My Co Pilot - She's So Butch (Outpunk)
Seefeel - Imperial (Too Pure)
Elastica - Rock And Roll (Session)
The Summerhits - Moto Guzzi
Hustlers H.C. - Let The Hustlers Play (Nation)
Po! - Danny's Girl (Rutland)
Headbutt - Steam Engine Fragrance (Dirtier Promotions)
Transcendental Love Machine - Inside My Soul Is Burning With You (Hydrogen Jukebox)
Elastica - Line Up (Session)
Elastica - Vaseline (Session)
8 Story Window - I Will (Ultimate)
Crunt - Swine (Insipid Vinyl)
Rama - Black Plait Dub
The Summerhits - Pin
Puffin - Culture Club (A West Side Fabrication)
Elastica - Brighton Rock (Session)
Modogo - Kimalanda 
Reload - Peschi (Infonet)