Friday, October 30, 2015

The Fall - 17th October 2015,Powerstation, Aukland, New Zealand

A superb performance from the mighty ones and captured equally superbly by the ever impressive Mr Fender who must rarely miss a gig.
The Fall are on top form on this recording which consists mainly of tracks from the last lp Sub-Lingual Tablet with a splattering of older material. One of the highlights for me is the solitary new song Wise Old Man which I suspect the wife is sick of hearing this morning. The hint was taken when she threatened to insert my i-pod into a place I'd rather it wasn't if I "don't stop playing that bloody song".

My Door Is Never
Venice With The Girls
First One Today
Dedication Not Medication
Wise Old Man
Hittite Man
Junger Cloth
Theme From Sparta F.C.
I'm Not From Bury
What About Us
White Lightning
Mr Pharmacist