Thursday, March 10, 2016

John Peel - 10th March 1999

Featuring Fantasmagroover in session.

Cay - Lucien (EastWest)
Bob Lewis Family - Born To Be With You (Smithsonian Walkways)
Fantasmagroover - Purple (Session)
The Rollers - Continental Walk (Ace)
DJ Qbert - Cosmic Assassins (Galactic Butt Hair)
Period Pains - Ex Boyfriend (Damaged Goods)
Freq Nasty - Hype Verse (Kick)
Built To Spill - Bad Light (City Slang)
Hefner - The Heart Of Portland (Ovni)
Sonic Subjunkies - Your Friend The Machine (Hermann)
Fantasmagroover - Butch Reads A Pamphlet (Session)
Radio Sweethearts - Real Ghost Town (Shifty Disco)
Basic Implant - ? (Fine Audio)
Looper - Ballad Of Ray Suzuki (Jeepster)
10 5 Neutron - Identify The Driver (Effortless)
4x4 - Funky (White Label)
Fantasmagroover - Fix (Session)
Gene Vincent - Walkin' Home From School (Capitol)
Melt Banana - Rragg (Tzadik)
Usual Suspects - Spawn (Renegade Hardware)
Low Fi Generator - Stereo (Underground Sounds)
Big John Hamilton - How Much Can A Man Take (Kent)
Fantasmagroover - Give 'Em An Inch (Session)
Fourth Quarter - Fire On The Leading Edge (Words)
Orbital - Know Where To Run (White Label)