Tuesday, March 29, 2016

John Peel - 29th March 2000

Featuring live performances from Solex, The High Fidelity and Murry The Hump at the Union Chapel in London.

Travis Cut - In A Rut (Rejected)
Process - Recreational Structure (FatCat)
Calexico - Mid Town (City Slang)
Prince Far I - Psalm 24 (Carib Gems)
Bowery Electric - Psalms Of Survival (Beggars Banquet)
Berzerker - Cannibal Rights (Earache)
Propellerheads and DJ Craze - Big Dog (OM)
Positively Testcard - Twist With The Morning Stars (House Of Kwela)
Mogwai - Nick Drake (Loose)

Murry The Hump Live Set
Cracking Up
Don't Slip Up
Booze And Cigarettes
Kebab Or Shag

Kid Spatula - Nordy (Planet Mu)

Solex Live Set
Burglars Are Coming
Waking Up With Solex
Randy Constanza
One Louder Solex
Solex In A Slipshod Style
Getting Better
The Cutter

Smog - Dress Sexy At My Funeral (Drag City)

The High Fidelity Live Set
Greeneye Monster
The National Anthem
Addicted To A TV
Devil In A Shellsuit
I Thank U
Luv Dup
Odyssey Of A Psychonaught