Wednesday, March 30, 2016

John Peel - 30th March 1999

Featuring Billy Mahonie in session.

Add N To (X) - Robot New York (Mute)
Melt Banana - Bladished Hatman (Tzadik)
Billy Mahonie - Watching People Speak When You Can't Hear What They're Saying (Session)
Crank - Infantile Narcosis (Mille Plateau)
Pilotcan - Circuit Breaker Or Catalyst (EVOL)
Karamasov - 8 Beef Critter (Satellite)
Future Pilot AKA Vs James Kirk - Rest And Be Thankful (Sulphur)
Scott Brown - Brain Bashers (Twisted Vinyl)
Billy Mahonie - World In Action (Session)
The Clientele - Reflections After Jane (Johnny Kane)
Lexis - Diva (Certificate 18)
Gott - Approach (n.UR-Kult Releases)
Hovercraft - Wire Trace (Blast First)
The Louvin Brothers - Satan Is Real (Capitol)
Dark Angelo - Shipwreck (Reflex)
Billy Mahonie - We Accept American Dollars (Session)
Toussaint McCall - Nothing Takes The Place Of You (Kent)
King Tubby - Stealing (Blood And Fire)
Black Science Labs - Light Between Two Moons (Certificate 18)
The Fabulaires - Lonely Days, Lonely Nights (Dead Dog)
Billy Mahonie - Shrimp Bandit (Session)
The Great Outdoors - It Looks So Easy (Fierce Panda)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Just Back From The City (Revenant)
Headlamp - Discus 16 (Next Century)